Vibratec is a consulting company, which has a title of “research company” delivered by French administration (BPI), which has an international expertise in structural dynamics, vibrations and acoustics. Our skill is based both on experimental and simulation techniques. Our activity is shared between troubleshooting, design, training and research projects. Our clients are the R&D services from railway, automotive, oil and gas, aeronautics, defence, mecatronics (including appliances), energy. Our technical teams consist mainly of PhD and engineers. Role and Commitment of key persons (including supervisors) : Dr. Christian CLERC Director of Research. Head of 10 research collaborative projects (FP5/FP6/FP7, ANR, FUI, ADEME, DGA French project). The topics of which are vibro-acoustics, structural dynamics and multibody systems. He will supervise the VIPER project for Vibratec and will bring a scientific support. Ing. Anne COULON – Senior engineer working on durability analysis and lightweighting. She is presently in charge of the SICODYN project about uncertainties and reliable simulation with a focus on measurement uncertainties and hybrid methods. She will bring a technical support on damping simulation and measurement. Ing. J-L WOJTOWICKI – Senior engineer working on lightweighting, composites and vibro-acoustics in the ground transportation department. He is presently in charge of the TESSA French project which gather 12 academics, SMEs and industrial partners. He will bring a technical support on vibroacoustic simulation and experimentation. Both will be in charge to support the PhD students and to bring them support for computation and experimental validation. Ing. Stéphane TEPPE. Vibratec expert in mechanical engineering, structural dynamics and multi-body systems (simulation, measurements, hybrid methods …) will bring a support for composite material FEA analysis. Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment : Simulation: FEA software for mechanics, dynamics and acoustics. (Flexible) Multibody analysis. Experimentation: vibrating tables, hydraulic shakers for laboratory measurements, data acquisition system for operating measurements. Sensors : microphones, accelerometers, strain gauges, laser … Specific tools: model updating, life duration computation. Homemade applications: reverse techniques, medium frequency range acoustic simulations, computation measurement synthesis. Previous Involvement in Research and Training Programmes : Throughout the years, the group has been actively involved in many European research and training projects, relevant to numerical modeling and experimental analysis in transport, energy and appliances. These include past FP projects like Silencer, Helinovi, Vital, Dream, Silence, FACE, RIVAS, and French collaborative projects like Madiav, Maeva, Mabca, Macovam, Tessa, Prosodie, Ascoot, Acoubus, Sicodyn, Marcassin. The common point of these projects is to gather End Users (Industrials), SMEs and Academic Research Laboratories. Current involvement in Research and Training Programmes : Presently Vibratec is involved in European FP7 collaborative projects, relevant to numerical modeling in transport and good appliances like Wenemor, Acoutrain and LoWash (Research fro SMEs, Vibratec being RTD performer). Vibratec is also working on French collaborative projects: Avelec, Genome, Semaphore, Tessa or Ascoot. Vibratec has an internal research programm (budget equal 15% of the turnover) in which are embedded Master II students (about 8 per year) and Phd (presently 3 CIFRE Phd). Vibratec is involved in courses at ECL, INSA, ENSMM. Vibratec has a training organism French certificate and provides about 15 training sessions per year.