Université de Sherbrooke


GAUS is comprised of six professors in mechanical engineering, and about 60 other researchers and professionals, including graduate students. The group is widely recognized as the leading research center in noise control in Canada and North America. The GAUS is an established Center of Excellence at the Université de Sherbrooke and has received regular funding through the FQRNT team grant program. The GAUS also recently strengthened its position as a leader in the automotive and aerospace sectors through its prominent role in the NSERC-NCE AUTO21 (2000 & 2003, 2006 & 2009) and CRIAQ (2003 & 2006 & 2009) organizations. It is important to mention that the laboratory infrastructure necessary to conduct the acoustic part of the proposed research program is already in place at GAUS.  https://gaus.recherche.usherbrooke.ca Key Persons and Expertise : Noureddine Atalla is full professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Université de Sherbrooke), a co-holder of the NSERC chair in Aviation Acoustics and member and past director (2002-2009) of the Group d’Acoustique de l’Universite de Sherbrooke (GAUS). He is internationally recognized as an expert in the field of computational vibroacoustics and acoustic materials. He has published more than 70 papers in acoustics and vibration, spanning different domains, including modeling poroelastic and viscoelastic materials, coupled fluidstructure problems, the acoustic and dynamic response of sandwich and composite structures, and modeling methods for industrial structures. He is also the co-author of a widely used book on the modeling of sound porous materials. The significance of his work is corroborated by his on-going collaboration programs with the leading automotive and aerospace industries worldwide. His formulations for sound packages are also implemented, independently, in several commercial codes. He has been invited to give talks and seminars about this work at several conferences and industries worldwide (Canada: Woodbridge Foam, Bombardier Aerospace, etc.; France: Airbus, Peugeot; Italy: Fiat; USA: Boeing, Daimler Chrysler, GM, Ford, etc.; Japan: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Nippon Charyo, B&K University, etc.). Dr. Atalla is currently involved in several national and international projects dealing with the vibroacoustics of acoustic materials. Key Research facilities, infrastructure and Equipment : GAUS enjoys a reputation of housing a unique laboratory in Canada, which covers over 370 m2 of floor space and includes the Vibroacoustics Lab, the Acoustic Materials Characterization Lab, and the Control and Transducers Lab.