Main Training Events and Conferences  ECTS Lead beneficiary Date
1st VIPER Winter School on Wave propagation in periodic media  2/3 ECL 6-8th February 2017
1st Tutorial public course : Wave propagation in complex media  1/3 ECL/KUL 6th February 2017
Public Event-VIPER session within the conference MEDYNA 2017 N/A ECL 24-27th April 2017
2nd VIPER Summer School on Uncertainty propagation and stochastic methods  2/3 UNINA 11-13th September 2017
3rd VIPER  School on  Poroelastic materials: modeling and manufacturing  2/3 UFC 9-11th April 2018
 Public event with VIPER session : Metamaterial sessions during ISMA  1/3 KUL 17-19th September 2018
4th VIPER School :  Composite structures and auxetic systems manufacturing  2/3 UoB 15-19th October 2018
2nd Tutorial Public Course: Composite materials and structures  1/3 UoB 15-19th October 2018
Public Event – Auxetics and Anomalous Systems N/A UoB 15-19th October 2018
5th VIPER School dedicated to Innovative Acoustic Materials and Product Development. N/A KUL 3-5th June 2019
Public Event – VIPER session within the MEDYNA 2020 conference N/A ECL/UniNA 17-19th February 2020
VIPER Doctorials N/A ECL/UniNA 20th February 2020