Prof. Mohamed ICHCHOU is Professor of Solids Mechanics, Département de Mécanique des Solides Génie Mécanique et Génie Civil and Laboratoire de Tribologie et de Dynamique des Systèmes, LTDS UMRCNRS 5513 in Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL). He is the scientific cordinator of the VIPER project. He is also the founder and the co-head of the vibroacoustic and complex media reserach group. He received from the University de Franche-Comté/ Faculté des Sciences, Licence és Science, 1990, Ecole Centrale/University Claude Bernard, DEA, Mechanics, 1992, Ing., Ecole Centrale de Lyon, 1992, Dr. Ing., Mechanical Engineering, 1996, Ecole Centrale de Lyon/University Claude Bernard, HDR, 2004.

Prof M. ICHCHOU is currently the French coordinator of research in China for the whole Group of Ecoles Centrales (GEC) located at Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes and Marseille. He is also the Head of the sino-French International laboratory and collaborative plateform LIA2MCIS joining the GEC with Beihang University in China. Prof M. ICHCHOU is also the head of the GEC/CSC grant agreements since 2013 (110 grants a year for the 5 engineering schools). In this context he is the head and the corrdinator of the recruitement committee for yearly 40 PhD grants and 10 post-docs.


 Dr. Olivier BAREILLE  Associate professor at École Centrale de Lyon – Laboratory of Tribology and Dynamics of Systems (CNRS – UMR 5513) Since 2011. Lecturer in the Mechanical. Engineering Department at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (2001-11). Research domains Vibroacoustics, structure dynamics in medium frequencies Measurement and identification of mechanical characteristics for complex structures. Monitoring and vibrational control of systems and structures. Main research topics : Wave-based approaches for the modelling of structures and composite materials; Structural health monitoring : large scale and highly efficient applications

Dr. Abdelmalek ZINE

Associate professor in mathematics at Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Abdelmalek Zine holds a PhD in Numerical Analysis from Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris-VI and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from École polytechnique de Montréal. He is Assistant Professor at École Centrale de Lyon since 1992. His research activities address the numerical analysis of partial differential equations from the modelling of complex fluids and solids. Inverse problems and reduced models in fluid-structure interaction are also part of his research themes. His teachings focus on mathematical and numerical tools and their application to engineering problems.


Prof. Morvan OUISSE Vice Director Applied Mechanics Department in Femto-St Full Professor at ENSMM (Besançon) since september 2011. Applied Mechanics Department – FEMTO-ST – Head of theme Dynamics of Architectured Materials and Structures for Vibroacoustics: smart materials, structures and vibroacoustics. – Member of theme Multiphysics and Multiscale Model Validation with uncertainties management (headed by Scott Cogan): Model validation in structural dynamics with lack of knowledge.


Professor of Smart Materials & Structures at the University of Bristol My research interests are in the field of auxetics – negative Poisson’s ratio and negative stiffness materials. I design, model and manufacture auxetic foams, composites and cellular structures for structural integrity, vibration damping, vibroacoustiics and multifunctional applications. I also develop predictive micromechanical and structural models for energy dissipation performance in composite and polymeric structures. Another set of research activities I carry out is about nanostructures modelling and design, with particular emphasis on graphene, CNTs, BN, ZnO and GaN nanostructures. Special focus of the nanostructures-related activities is about the mechanical characterisation of the nanomaterials for applications ranging between nanocomposites to NEMS. I am also involved in the modelling, manufacturing and characterizatio of natural fibre reinforcements for composites (sisal, agave, cactus), and recycled polymers (originated from rubber tyres).


Dr. Bert PLUYMERS KU Leuven, Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation (PMA) Section scientist-in-charge, vibro-acoustic modeling, lightweight materials, supervisor of 34 defended PhD theses and coordinator of 6 past and on-going FP6/7 Marie Curie training networks (10% involvement)

  • fellow Industrial Research Fund
  • member of the Division Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation

Prof. Wim DESMET KU Leuven, Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation (PMA) Section Belongs to (according to the corporate view): Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • full professor Faculty of Engineering Science
  • head of the Subdivision Noise and Vibration Engineering – DesmetPluymers
  • member of the Division Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation

Prof. Francesco FRANCO is active in many fields of mechanical and aerospace engineering such as structural dynamics, structural-acoustics, i.e. coupling among vibrating structures and acoustic enclosures, structural-acoustic optimization, computational methods in structural-acoustic with reference to low and medium-high modal density problems, experimental techniques for the modal analysis – flutter clearance in aeronautics – localization and characterization of vibration and noise sources, active structural-acoustic control, smart materials with particular reference to magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials, damage detection by using frequency response functions. Up to date Dr. Franco has been involved in several research projects funded by the European Directorate for the Research and Industrial Development (DG XII). Many European research centers have collaborated in these research projects and Dr. Franco has served with different roles: partner, task and work-package leader, member of the steering committee.  Moreover, Dr. Franco has been involved in many research projects sponsored by industrial companies (Alenia Aeronautica, Piaggio Aero Industries, Fiat, AnsaldoBreda, etc.) for the structural-acoustic design and optimization of transportation mean prototypes.


Prof. Sergio De RosaDepartment of Industrial Engineering in the University of Naples Federico II, PASTA Lab Professor of Aerospace structures and construction The of Aerospace Section of the Department of Industrial Engineering has a long tradition dating its roots back in 1926; Gen. Prof. U. Nobile, designer, pilot of airships and polar explorer, established it. More than 80 years of continuing research and developments have built a solid and accredited tradition of excellence based upon a strong relationship between the academic community, the aerospace industry and the research centers, locally and internationally. The Department is the largest in aerospace engineering in Italy. It played and plays an important role in the European Scientific Community through a continuous contribution to the most important European funded research projects; there are stable collaborations with the most important European and US Universities. The mission of the Department is: (i) to perform research and developments throughout all the aerospace disciplines, (ii) to contribute to the best training of future aerospace engineers, (iii) to establish an effective and direct link with graduate and undergraduate students, (iv)?to maintain the technical and scientific state of the art for the aerospace community, and (v) to develop and to improve the reputation of its laboratories. The research group pasta-lab (laboratory for promoting experiences in aeronautical structures and acoustics) is an important part of the Department of Aerospace Engineering. Traditionally, the group serves all the didactic activities for the aerospace structure sector in the engineering aerospace degrees. The average number for the undergraduate (first level) students is about 200, for the undergraduate (second level) is about 50, and each year a number of 3 PhD are run currently.


Prof. Massimo RUZZENE is a Professor in the D. Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering and holds a courtesy joint appointment with the G.W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. M. Ruzzene is the director of the Vibration and Wave Propagation Laboratory, which conducts research in metamaterials, structural health monitoring, structural dynamics, and vibroacoustics. Prof Massimo Ruzzene has participated as a PI or co-PI in various research projects funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), the Army Research Office (ARO), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), NASA Langley Research Center, the US Army, the US Navy, the National Science Foundation (NSF), DARPA, Raytheon, TRW Corporation and Corning Corporation.


Prof. Noureddine ATALLA
Vibration and acoustics, University of Sherbrooke Noureddine Atalla is full professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Université de Sherbrooke), a co-holder of the NSERC chair in Aviation Acoustics and member and past director (2002-2009) of the Group d’Acoustique de l’Universite de Sherbrooke (GAUS). He is internationally recognized as an expert in the field of computational vibroacoustics and acoustic materials. He has published more than 70 papers in acoustics and vibration, spanning different domains, including modeling poroelastic and viscoelastic materials, coupled fluidstructure problems, the acoustic and dynamic response of sandwich and composite structures, and modeling methods for industrial structures. He is also the co-author of a widely used book on the modeling of sound porous materials. The significance of his work is corroborated by his on-going collaboration programs with the leading automotive and aerospace industries worldwide. His formulations for sound packages are also implemented, independently, in several commercial codes.   He has been invited to give talks and seminars about this work at several conferences and industries worldwide (Canada: Woodbridge Foam, Bombardier Aerospace, etc.; France: Airbus, Peugeot; Italy: Fiat; USA: Boeing, Daimler Chrysler, GM, Ford, etc.; Japan: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Nippon Charyo, B&K University, etc.). Dr. Atalla is currently involved in several national and international projects dealing with the vibroacoustics of acoustic materials.