iChrome is an engineering company with a sound background in simulation driven design and analysis. iChrome was founded in Bristol in 2009 to share its expertise in the area of computer aided engineering (CAE). Specializing in Structural Analysis, Fluid Dynamics and Design Optimization. Our Mission is to: • provide innovative and creative solutions to the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) community, bringing ideas to reality; • develop new methods and tools to integrate third party software and optimize simulation driven designs. Therefore unifying and automating the design cycle, reducing the time taken to reach the end goal. Role and Commitment of key persons (including supervisors) : Mr. Angelo Colbertaldo, responsible of cooperative and co-funded R&T activities within iChrome. His main role is to assure the involvement of iChrome in planning and review activities, including reporting and negotiation with the other project partners. He will also be responsible to assure proper resources to visiting students and external temporary staff; Mr. Andrea Marzorati, software developer of Nexus who will technically supervise work and training activities related to software developments and process integration possibly required within the VIPER project Mr. Amato Cervavio, senior CAD engineer who will technically supervise work and training activities related to FEM simulations and numerical analysis within the VIPER project. Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment: Due to the numerical nature of the iChrome’s products and services, we do not have specific Research Facilities. However we have dedicated desk for temporary staff, all equipped with workstations.