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A Special VIPER Session was held at the ISMA 2018 Conference in Leuven, Belgium.
The conference provides a forum for engineers, researchers and other professionals active in the field of modelling, analysing, testing and improving the noise and vibration characteristics of mechanical systems and civil structures. The conference combines expertise in the noise and vibration fields by stressing common measurement, modelling, analysis and control technologies. The meeting will provide a further impetus to the cross fertilization of ideas in both areas.
The conference program includes keynote lectures, tutorials and invited and contributed papers in specialized areas of noise and vibration engineering and structural dynamics. The focus of the conference is on experimental and numerical methods, with special attention to recent applications in vehicle and civil engineering. Fields with a strong interaction between noise and vibration behaviour are stressed. Modal analysis and structural dynamic testing remains one of the backbones of the conference with an emphasis on limiting factors such as product and test uncertainty as well as applications in the field of smart monitoring and damage assessment.

Vibro-acoustic of periodic media

VIPER1 – Monday 17 September 2018

15:30 Campana, M.-A., Scarpa, F., Ouisse, M., and Sadoulet-Reboul, E., ‘Wave propagation in an auxetic core embedding resonators’, University of Bristol. ( abstractfull paper )
15:55 Tufano, G., Droz, C., Bareille, O., Zine, A.-M., Pluymers, B., Desmet, W., and Ichchou, M., ‘Wavenumber identification technique for axial-symmetric structures’, Ecole Centrale de Lyon / KU Leuven. ( abstractfull paper )
16:20 Ahsani, S., Boukadia, R. F., Droz, C., Claeys, C., and Deckers, E., ‘Diffusion based homogenization method for one dimensional locally resonant system’, KU Leuven. ( abstractfull paper )
16:45 Guenfoud, N., Droz, C., Ichchou, M., Bareille, O., Pluymers, B., and Deckers, E., ‘Modeling and experimental measurements of the sound transmission loss for multi-layer core topology systems’, Ecole Centrale de Lyon. (abstractfull paper )
17:10 Boukadia, R. F., Claeys, C., Droz, C., Ichchou, M., and Deckers, E., ‘Model order reduction in unit cell modeling and its application to complex structures’, KU Leuven. ( abstractfull paper )
17:35 Timorian, S., Franco, F., Ouisse, M., De Rosa, S., and Bouhaddi, N., ‘Investigation for the analysis of the vibrations of quasi-periodic structures’, VIPER. ( abstractfull paper )
18:00 Bourgana, T., Boukadia, R. F., Jonckheere, S., Claeys, C., Chevallier, G., Ouisse, M., and Deckers, E., ‘Inverse characterization method of viscoelastic materials using dispersion analysis’, . ( abstractfull paper )

VIPER2 – Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:10 Palumbo, R., Ivanov, D., Droz, C., Bareille, O., Ichchou, M., and Scarpa, F., ‘Design of a multi-scale reinforced sandwich panel with enhanced vibroacoustics performances’, ACCIS, University of Bristol. ( abstractfull paper)
10:35 Errico, F., Ichchou, M., De Rosa, S., Bareille, O., and Franco, F., ‘A load approximation for the vibroacoustic analysis of periodic structures to fluid excitation’, Ecole Centrale Lyon. ( abstractfull paper )
11:00 Singh, R. P., Droz, C., De Rosa, S., Franco, F., Bareille, O., and Ichchou, M., ‘A study of structured uncertainties in wave characteristic of one-dimensional periodic structures’, University of Naples Federico II. ( abstractfull paper )
11:25 Magliacano, D., Ouisse, M., Khelif, A., De Rosa, S., Franco, F., and Atalla, N., ‘Computation of wave dispersion characteristics in periodic porous materials modeled as equivalent fluids’, Université de Franche-Comté. (abstractfull paper )
11:50 Del Broccolo, S., Ouisse, M., Foltete, E., and Scarpa, F., ‘Interlocked hybrid-cell kirigami inspired cellular structures and their vibroacoustic performance’, FEMTO-ST Institute UBFC. ( abstractfull paper )

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Sep 17, 2018 - Sep 19, 2018

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8 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

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Leuven, Belgium

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