5th VIPER School on Innovative Acoustic Materials and Product Development

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The 5th VIPER School is dedicated to Innovative Acoustic Materials and Product Development with a focus on Vibro-Acoustic Meta-materials.
This summer school is organized in the framework of the EU MSCA projects VIPER and ACOUTECT. It gives an introduction to the main physical principles of sound absorption and sound transmission loss and discusses the working principles of classical visco- and poro-elastic media and more recent meta-materials. Also, an introduction to duct acoustics and innovative solutions for duct noise are presented.
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Participations from both the academia and the industry are welcome. Registration fees : 50 euros, including: coffee breaks, lunch on Tuesday and the courses material. Deadline for registration : 23/05/2019
13h30-15h00: Introduction to physical acoustics
15h30-16h45: Visco-elastic material solutions for vibration damping
16h45-18h00: Poroelastic materials for sound absorption
9h30-11h00: Metamaterials: Theory and tools
11h30 – 13h00: Metamaterials: Design process
14h00 – 15h00: Metamaterial applications – part 1
15h30 – 17h00: Metamaterial applications – part 2
9h00 -11h00: Introduction to duct acoustics
11h30 – 13h00: Innovative noise control in flow duct systems  

Start Date - End Date

Jun 03, 2019 - Jun 05, 2019

Start Time - End Time

0 h 00 min - 23 h 59 min

Event Location

Leuven, Belgium






+ 33(0)472186487

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