Dario MAGLIACANO «Periodic inclusions in PU foams »

Education and Training

Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering, defending the thesis “Innovative methodologies for predictive analysis of the internal noise in rail vehicles” (2013); Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering, defending the thesis “Active control of noise and vibrations in automotive” (2016); European Joint Doctorate on Vibroacoustics ESR5: periodic inclusions in PU foams (2017 – now).

Professional Experience

Short work experience carried out in London (2013); 4 months of internship at the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (2015 – 2016); Customer Care in Atitech S.p.A., one of most important European aeronautic MRO companies (2016);

In ESR5 we will address the development of design tools for locally resonant sonic crystals with porous matrix. The whole problem will be investigated numerically and experimentally validated. The numerical tools which will be developed will include: a Biot-Allard description of the foam behaviour, a possibility to consider complex geometric shapes through the use of 3D finite elements and the shift-cell operator approach which allows description of the propagation of all existing waves from the description of the unit cell through the resolution of a quadratic eigenvalue problem which can handle any frequency-dependency of parameters; up to that day, to the partner’s knowledge, this type of model has never been implemented to handle 3D Biot-Allard model with periodic inclusions. The design of the sound package will combine all physical phenomenon (Bragg effect, dissipation in the material, resonance effects in inclusions, coupling with fluid and solid phases of the foam, grading) in order to obtain a device whose frequency efficiency outperforms existing designs. Practical implementation of the designed concept will be realized at the lab scale for first tests in impedance tube, and then a 4 square-meter panel will be manufactured with the help of AST. Inclusions in the porous layer will be realized by 3D printing and included by hand. This panel will be realized with materials classically used in the aerospace industry to check the feasibility of the concept in this field. In the very last part of the PhD work, functional inclusions like anisotropy effects, nonlinearities, or multi-physics couplings (thermal, electro-active, magnetic) will be investigated and manufactured in scaled prototypes. This functionalization will either improve again the device performance in terms of broadband absorption, or provide new properties (flexibility, tunability, shock absorption…). The interest of Dario Magliacano in these topics is mainly due to the fact that they allow him to do research in areas in which it already had experience in the past (see titles of both his thesis) and which he strongly wants to further deepen.