Nassardin Guenfoud « Vibroacoustics of periodic structures, Multi-layer core topology systems»

Education and Training

Master of Research in Mechanical Engineering Université de Sherbrooke, Canada, 2016 Master’s Degree in Engineering Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France, 2016


Guenfoud, N., Robin, O., Panneton, R., Desrochers, A., Belgacem, W., Comparison of two methods of transfer path analysis applied to snowmobile for noise source identification, Canadian Acoustics, vol. 44, no 3, 2016. Guenfoud, N., Etude vibroacoustique d’une suspension arrière de motoneige, Master’s Thesis, Université de Sherbrooke, 2016.

Professional Experience

-Working in the dSkibel Project to reduce the snowmobile noise CTA (Centre de Technologies Avancées), BRP (Bombardier Recreative Product), Université de Sherbrooke, (2014-2016) -Internship to improve the understanding of 4 R&D issues Areva, (June-August 2014)
You can find the description of my research work by clicking this following link: First of all, during my master of research in the Université de Sherbrooke, I could discover and appreciate the vibroacoustic field which couple physics, mechanics and mathematics. In addition, the material science is becoming more important to make lighter materials for civil engineering sectors and aeronautics. That’s why I chose the Viper Project which combine all of these scientific disciplines. Secondly, my precedent work research was fully focused on experimental-modelling methods. Therefore, studying new approaches using TMM (Transfer Matrix Method) and WFE (Wave Finite Element) to develop a model for multi-layered periodic structures has been evident for me to get large skills in the vibroacoustic field. Finally, it is an honor and a wonderful challenge to work for a useful European project which could allow me to improve the well-being of people and, hopefully, have a good and significant influence in the scientific community.