Régis BOUKADIA « Vibroacoustics and structural dynamics of Periodic structures»

Education and Training

Preparatory Classes at Les Lazaristes MPSI : Mathematics Physics Engineering Science MP-info : Mathematics Physics computer Science École Centrale de Lyon / Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 Master degree in Engineering Master degree in Acoustics

Professional Experience

April – September 2016 : Internship at the LTDS (France) Modeling of periodic structures in view of vibroacoustic applications December 2014 – August 2015 : Internship at the LTDS (France) Optimization of the vibroacoustic behavior of periodic media

November 2013 – May 2014 : Internship at ESI Group (France) Project RODIN :  Geometric and topologic optimization of structures May-August 2013 : Internship at IHI (Japan) : Development of a structural (FEM) optimization system
ESR subject : Vibroacoustics and structural dynamics of Periodic structuresThe vibroacoustic and structural dynamics of periodic structures will be investigated together with methods to achieve stop band behavior in view of improving the vibroacoustic signature of those structures. Special attention will be paid on adequate and cost effective manufacturing of the developed material structures. Additive manufacturing is a first candidate, but might show to be too expensive for mass production, unless unique designs are required.
Interest in the subjectI have started working on periodic structures about two years ago. What I find really interesting about this topic is that it has challenges in the areas of science that interest me the most. Namely, applied mathematics, physics and computer science. It is also in continuity with my professional experience of the last four years, so it’s only natural that it picked my interest! Lastly, I think the VIPER project and Marie Curie Actions in general can really help strengthen the European scientific community and I am happy to play a role in this as well.